Enso Healthcare Going to the grassroot and solving problems across all demographics. Mr. Vinay Maloo Chairman, Enso Healthcare. Enso Healthcare Founded 2013

The Group At Large

Enso Group was established in 2005. The group has interests in real estate, healthcare, mining and energy. The group has successfully launched many projects under its umbrella, in sectors other than its initial forte of energy, such as in security, infrastructure and other technological installation projects as well as renewable energy projects.

Our Business

Enso Healthcare and RDIF have joined hands for procuring Sputnik V & Sputnik Light vaccines from India and other parts of the world. Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is Russia’s sovereign wealth fund established in 2011 to make equity co-investments, primarily in Russia, alongside reputable international financial and strategic investors. RDIF has played a key role in fighting COVID-19 in Russia. The Fund has selected and funded the most promising testing system (COVID-19 SmartAmp), drug (Avifavir) and vaccine (Sputnik V) for COVID-19. RDIF acts as a catalyst for direct investment in the Russian economy.


Enso Healthcare is an Enso Group company. The company deals in Sputnik V and Sputnik Light vaccines which are double shot vaccines taken as a preventive solution to COVID-19. The vaccine is known to have 91.4% efficacy.

Healthcare Landscape in Emerging Economies

With overall socio-economic development, comes the emergence of newer sectors that are integral to the broader scenario. With changing lifestyles both at home and work places, India is seeing a paradigm shift in its Health and Pharmaceutical segments. The consumer base in increasing with more and more awareness slowly making inroads into the mind sets of people. Not just at an individual level but even corporates are now looking out for avenues to have a healthy and able workforce employed with them. Wellness and work life balance are two words everyone is harping upon.

This trend is positively satisfying. It has fuelled the growth of a sea of fitness centres, gyms and health related products. While the increase is alarming, it is also marred with a disorganised nature which often results in confusions and dissatisfaction for individuals. There is an urgent need to offer this expanding segment a place where their minds, bodies and spirits are nurtured under highly professional and systematic environment so as to remove the erratic bottlenecks that emerge out of unhygienic and hurried nature of centres that are mushrooming everywhere.


Welcome to Enso Healthcare. I would like for you us to take a moment and reflect on the last one and a half years, a time period so full of suffering and devastation, and think of what we can do to improve the situation on ground where we live by doing small things like wearing a mask, keeping adequate distance from one another and by washing or sanitising your hands. Let’s stick to these and if we can get everyone vaccinated, it will be the most plausible way out of this pandemic.

Warm regards,

Vinay Maloo

Mr. Vinay Maloo, Chairman of Enso Healthcare, is also the founder and chairman of Enso Group. He has over two decades of experience in business. He founded the group in 2005 and steered it to success with his years of experience and expertise. He is a commerce graduate from St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata (University of Calcutta) where he finished with honours.

Sputnik V

Sputnik V is the first registered COVID-19 vaccine in the world. The vaccine’s efficacy is confirmed at 91.4% based on data analysis of the final control point of clinical trials. The Sputnik V vaccine efficacy against severe cases of coronavirus is 100%. More than 67 countries, representing over 50% of the world population, have expressed interest in Sputnik V vaccination.


Sputnik Light

Sputnik Light is a single dose COVID-19 vaccine that leverages and retains key characteristics of Sputnik V two-shot vaccine platform. The vaccine demonstrated high efficacy results and protection against COVID-19 related hospitalization and death. Sputnik Light has undergone laboratory testing against new virus variants and showed sufficient protection.
Sputnik Light vaccine (the first component of Sputnik V vaccine) demonstrates 78.6-83.7% efficacy.It reduces the burden of severe disease, hospitalization and death with only one immunization. The single dose regiment solves the challenge of reaching group immunity in a shorter time frame.