Healthcare Landscape in Emerging Economies

With overall socio-economic development, comes the emergence of newer sectors that are integral to the broader scenario. With changing lifestyles both at home and work places, India is seeing a paradigm shift in its Health and Pharmaceutical segments. The consumer base in increasing with more and more awareness slowly making inroads into the mind sets of people. Not just at an individual level but even corporates are now looking out for avenues to have a healthy and able workforce employed with them. Wellness and work life balance are two words everyone is harping upon.

This trend is positively satisfying. It has fuelled the growth of a sea of fitness centres, gyms and health related products. While the increase is alarming, it is also marred with a disorganised nature which often results in confusions and dissatisfaction for individuals. There is an urgent need to offer this expanding segment a place where their minds, bodies and spirits are nurtured under highly professional and systematic environment so as to remove the erratic bottlenecks that emerge out of unhygienic and hurried nature of centres that are mushrooming everywhere.